Sadelöverdrag skoter
Överdrag att sätta på din skoters sadel.
Passenger Backrest Cushion
Cushion for the Passenger Backrest Stay
Apron X-MAX
Water-resistant cover to keep you as warm and dry as possible during rainy and cold weather...
1 402:-
Licence Plate Holder Finish
Plastic cover that finishes the installation of the optional Licence Plate Holder nicely off.
Foot Boards X-MAX
Quality foot panels for an added stylish look. Anodized aluminium with rubber pads Foot board...
Grip Heater 120
Grips with heater to replace standard unit grips.
1 751:-
Console Bag
Bag for additional luggage storage; placed between seat and leg shield.
Licence Plate Holder X-MAX
Stylish licence plate holder to replace the original.
1 333:-
Smart Phone Holder X-MAX
Be really smart - use your smart phone as GPS to navigate yourself through traffic
1 212:-
Passenger Backrest Stay X-MAX
Base for back support for your passenger providing a confortable ride.
Leg Shields X-MAX
Shields to mount on either side of the unit - protects both unit and rider
1 333:-
Sport Screen X-MAX
This dark smoked short screen gives your X-MAX a sporty look.
High Screen X-MAX
Large screen for improved wind protection when riding.
1 818:-
Passenger Backrest Cushion
Cushion for the Passenger Backrest Stay.
Rear Carrier X-MAX
Carrier to be mounted to the rear of the unit, to carry a topcase or other luggage.
1 543:-
USB Cable
Never be without electricity wherever you are!
USB Converter
USB device that converts from 12 to 5 Volt.
Slip-on Muffler Black X-MAX 125 (non-ABS)
Enhance the coolness of your Yamaha!
6 814:-
Slip-on Muffler Titanium X-MAX 125 (non-ABS)
Enhance the coolness of your Yamaha!
6 241:-
Saddle Cover Scooter
Cover to put over a scooter saddle.
12V DC Outlet X-MAX
Outlet suitable to charge your electronic equipment such as mobile phone or MP3 player.
39L toppbox, City – Ryggstöd för passagerare
Ryggstöd som passar framtill på tillbehöret 39L toppbox City.
Katalysator X-MAX
Gör tillvalet X-MAX 250/125 och Majesty 400 påskjutbara ljuddämpare tillåtna för gatkörning när...
1 024:-
50L Top Case City Passagerarryggstöd
Ryggstöd som passar till framsidan av 50L top casen.
50L Top Case City innerväska
Monteringsbar väska att sätta in i Yamaha 50L top case.
39L Top Case City Innerväska
Monterbar väska att sätta i Yamaha 39L top case.
39L Top Case City
Kvalitativ Top Case för extra bagage/lagringskapacitet på din Yamaha.
1 998:-